Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ryu ga Gotoku-Of The End (What the hell is going on!?)

I like the Ryu ga Gotoku Series aka Yakuza for the fun exploration and kicking butt without getting caught. Enjoy a large of mini games which are hundred times better than any of the GTA series, I love it a lot!

So when SEGA announced the six installment of the series and it is titled-"Ryu Ga Gotoku-Of the End." I was thinking is this the final chapter? Will Kiryu able to get away the blood shed of the Yakuza for good?

Then the announcement came in the latest Famitsu Magazine....THIS!!!!

What just happened? If you are thinking of the latest installement of Resident Evil, then you are in the wrong game!!

Ryu Ga Gotoku just got turned from kicking Yakuza's butt to kicking Zombies butt!!!


How the hell happen?! I mean fighting gangsters in suits is one thing but fighting the undead is really outrageous!!!

Okay, maybe the makers decided that enough of the normal day life of a big city, let's try something different. One of them is probably a George Romero Fan and suggested "Hey, let's make Kiryu kill some zombies instead!"

The idea was taken and this is it. From using your fists and kicks to using heavy machine guns and bad ass rocket launcher! I mean this is something Capcom will do for their Resident Evil Series!

All right, enough of the nip picking just by looking at the pictures...for me, I don't mind having something different for a change and who know, maybe I will like it when the trailer come out.
But anyway, those who are still fans of the series will be happy to know that the hostess are still around...

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