Monday, September 25, 2017

Kira Kira Precure Ala Mode Ep 33 Review: Dark Diable Arises!

Let's Cooking! This is my review of Kira Kira Precure episode 33 and a new enemy arises from the past!

The Good: It was cute for the Crystal Animals to appear as companions for the girls although I don't really find them useful other than cannon fodder. The girls also paid respects to Lumiere's shrine to after knowing she sealed off Noir in the past.

You really need to improve on your posing, Bibury...

Bibury's interactions with the girls was interesting since she still has that sarcastic attitude in her but yet she allow Peko to take a bite off her cupcakes. The funny joke was the girls suspected that Bibury could be more than 100 years old since she was from the past (If the series started at 2017, then 100 years will be 1917 which it is the Taisho Era and I was right)

Diable is the new enemy which I am suspecting that he is a Spawn of Noir which explain his appearance and essence is similar to Noir. Diable influence people to hate each other which is how Ichigo Town of the past got affected. The girls also doubt themselves since sweets were the cause of the invasion, there should not be sweets anymore which Himari called it empty calories.

But then the girls realised it is not about the taste of sweets but rather the love to make and create sweets is important since eliminating sweets is not the answer. The girls got a new resolve and together with the Crystal Animals, drove Diable away for now.

The Bad: The whole Crystal Animals wild goose chase. First, I don't see why the animals have to run away after Diable scared them. Then when the girls were searching for them, guess where they were? Back at the Patisserie!

There were some continuity issues- The girls were wearing their uniforms when they met Diable. The Crystal Animals ran north for no reason. The next shot has the girls wearing back their civilians attire looking for them in the rain. Then when they have the resolve, they returned to the Patisserie and guess what? The Crystal Animals are there and Bibury told the girls that they have been waiting for them all these while?! Did the Crystal Animals troll them just to extend the run time?

Toei, if you want to extend the run time, make sure your scenes actually integrate. Did someone in the storyboard room forgot a panel or something? Diable was not interesting seeing that his purpose was just to make everyone hate each other and his battle with the girls was mediocre at best.

Bibury is probably the most interesting in this episode and the girls taught her how to work and make proper sweets. Furthermore Ciel now took her in to work in her shop with the hope of making Bibury a better person.

Overall, an okay episode with some hits and misses. Next episode, Yukari got turned into a cat and got into a fight with Kirarin and the local cats! Until then, see you in the next post!

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