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Go Princess Precure Ep 25 Top 3 Moments and Review: Fire and Water

Gokigenyou! This is my review of Go Princess Precure episode 25 and it is the beginning of the Summer holiday and everyone went to stay at Haruka's hometown!

No 3: Welcome to Haruka's hometown!

Haruka invited everyone including Towa (who has no idea what to do for the holidays) back to her home town for a stay-in. The town reminded me of a classic era of Japan (Look like the 1920s) When they arrived at Haruka's home, her family especially her father was too happy to see her again.

Haruka! Daddy is here!!

Minami...your cheek...

The girls also helped around Haruka's family cafe and later did some activities together like-Naka Soba, eating watermelons and enjoying the sights of the town.

Minami actually brought three large suitcases for the trip and in her first suitcase was filled with melons fruits. The second was filled with firecrackers which they later light it up at night. Although what was in the third suitcase which they never revealed in the end?

No 2: Towa still has nightmares about her past.

Despite having fun with everyone, Towa still has an uneasy feeling about her being Twilight. She had a nightmare of Dyspear chasing after her and when she woke up, Minami was beside her. Towa admitted to her that she feared every night since it reminded her of being Twilight and the things she did with Dyspear.

During the fireworks session, Minami told her there is nothing to fear about the darkness and assured Towa that she can always rely on everyone if need be. Although Towa teased Minami about ghost stories and she was embarrassed about it.

No 1: Fire and Water sometimes do Mix!

Shut was forced to listen to Lock's orders to collect more despair energy and when he saw Towa again, he was filled with confusion on what to do. This led him to turn a volunteer firefighter into a Zetsuborg.

The Zetsuborg attacked Towa but Minami rushed in to save her. The two quickly transformed and at first they have problems with the Zetsuborg. But Cure Flora and Cure Twinkle arrived and they combined their Bubble Ripple and Scarlet Spark to weaken and finished it with Phoenix Blaze. Shut was furious about his defeat but somehow he was attracted to Cure Scarlet..

After the previous episode about Towa and Kirara, this week is about her and Minami. I am thinking that it is to develop Towa's relationship with the other two girls since Haruka has already fullfilled her friendship trust with Towa in previous episode.

Compared to last week, I felt Minami is just being herself and giving advices on Towa on believing in her friends. Towa who still feel guilty of her sins, tried to bottle up her emotions. However Minami see through her and given that Minami also has a similar problem before of shouldering everything to herself, it is fair that she make Towa to trust her friends more.

The rest of the episode is about experiencing Haruka's home town and her family again. The girls did the usual summer activities which is typical in the obligatory summer anime episode. The only interesting thing was Minami was really looking forward to visiting Haruka's hometown and bringing items related to summer showed how innocent Minami can be since this is her first summer with "normal people".

The only thing I was hoping is to see Haruka's father go all over protective on her. Do you think that by the end of the series, Haruka will introduce Kanata or Yuki to her father? It will be one hell of a soap opera to see his reaction!

Overall, I gave this episode a C plus. It is an average episode about the summer activities and how Towa and Minami experienced it for the first time. The rest of the episode was okay although Shut seems to be infatuated by Cure Scarlet. Do you think he will have a change of heart by the end?

Look like it is up to me to save the day, Puffu!

Next episode, Towa suddenly fall ill and the girls are out on errands. It is up to Puff and Aroma to help her! But dangers await them! What will happen next? Find out more next week! Until then, Gokigenyou!

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  1. After consecutive episodes focusing on forging closer friendship with Towa, I must say that I'm quite disappointed with the "friendmaking" between Minami and Towa compared to what Haruka and Kirara had done before because I still see more of Towa than Minami, who really has very few episodes focusing on her.

    However, after seeing the hometown where Haruka and her family lives, I can now understand why Haruka was more determined to pursue her dreams than her friends. Minami is from the upper class society and is poised to inherit the Kaido Group enterprises and is therefore (as if no one knows that already) ridiculously rich; Kirara seems to be an "ordinary" citizen, but she has her glittering modeling to elevate her to national and even global fame status, and therefore will also amass massive fortune should she succeeded, and will eventually be entering the social class as Minami; Towa is a royal princess and therefore should be immensely rich (or maybe Hope Kingdom isn't wealthy enough?). Apart from financial gap, Minami, Kirara and Towa all possess excellent individual talents, which makes Haruka extremely eager to learn everything about being a princess, ranging from ballet, afternoon tea (started in episode 6 and qualified in episode 15), dress-making to violin, lots of things she must be capable of if she wants to achieve her dream. The social divide (i.e Haruka's village background) also provides Haruka the stimuli to achieve what her friends are already firm to strife for.

    Last but not least, it's nice to see how Shut reignited his crush and fangasm for Towa/Cure Scarlet (or not?) even though they are on the opposite sides now, and it's clear to see how Shut is reluctant to fight Scarlet but must comply to Lock's command (or maybe I was wrong?) Next week, Towa has fallen ill and the royal fairies (Puff and Aroma) must take care of her for that is their primary duty to serve the royal house of Hope Kingdom. What will unfold? Or maybe Shut will seize this chance to woo back "his" Twilight-sama? To be revealed! Gokigenyou all!