Sunday, July 13, 2014

Happiness Charge Precure Ep 24: The Ocean Stirs the Heart Part 1

Iona suggested to the girls that they should have special training to make them better as a team. She want the training to be at the beach resort owned by her dojo. Everyone agreed thinking they will get a chance to relax at the beach. Megumi also invited Blue and Seiji along which they decided to go too.
This week's Precure is Cure Lemonade!
The girls and Seiji took a train to the resort while Blue arrived through a mirror at the resort. He told Iona about Precures not allow to have a relationship which she was against it claiming it doesn't make any sense not to protect the people they love. Blue make a comment that she is in love with someone but she bluntly denied it. Hime eavesdrop their conversation and tried to probe Iona into asking who she has a crush with.
The girls later wore resort dresses however Iona demanded that they wore training gear instead. They went to change and Iona instructed them the following training-Hime to practice Princess Ball, Yuko with Honey Ribbon, Megumi to make her Lovely Beam stronger and Iona to train with a tambourine. Seiji watched them from afar and has doubts on their training.
Meanwhile, the Saiark generals were nearby and Oresuki insisted in training together. However the other two generals refused leaving Oresuki to train alone. He started jogging and met the girls along the way. (Both didn't see each other eye to eye) Hime suggested they should have a team pose and went to near a cliff to pose with Seiji taking camera shots for them.
All Four Members Ensemble!
Megumi was soaked wet from the waves but ignored her sneezing. The girls ended with beach volleyball and spotted Oresuki training with the Saiark and Choiarks. The girls transformed and confronted him. Using their new skills, they overwhelmed the enemies including Cure Princess's Princess Ball which become a team skill for everyone to weaken the Saiark.
After Cure Fortune defeated the Saiark, the girls thanked her for the training and got a new card from Ribbon. That night, Megumi went to find Blue to have some watermelons. However she was having a fever and fainted in Blue's lap. Seiji spotted them entering Megumi's room which left him speechless...
This episode hinted a few things-First Iona find it strange that Precures are not allowed to have a relationship but yet they have to protect the people they care about. I mentioned before that having a relationship could be a double edged sword. One, they are a great source of power but on the other hand, if the Saiark found out you have someone important, they will use that person to get to you and your judgement will be clouded.
Blue's comment that Iona might have a crush on someone could also mean she is in potential danger of getting her judgement clouded. I was thinking of Cure Tender as her weakness since she cared about her more than anyone else but from her blushing expression, it could be a guy. (Want to make a guess?)
The special training was hilarious but effective since the girls used variations of their attacks although I find it silly that no one coached them but yet they could pull off their attacks in actual combat.
Finally we talked about the final scene in this episode. Seiji having the wrong idea about Megumi and Blue. This could go down two ways-One, Seiji act ignorance and tried to focus on someone else as shown in the next episode. Second, he might confront Megumi or Blue and everyone get hurt in the process plus the Saiark might tried to use Seiji to destroy the girls if they have the guts to use such a diabolical scheme. (The three generals might not do it but Phantom or Queen Mirage might pull such a scheme, given their characters) 
As the next episode is still focusing at the resort, the girls continue their training but Seiji still has doubts about Megumi and Blue. However romance crush seems to be in the air? See you next week to find out!


  1. Maybe Iona has a crush on Megumi, or even... Hime.

    1. Iona is a GIRL!!!! And so is Megumi and Hime!

  2. Maybe Iona likes Seiji and it just that we can't see it yet. That aside, that scene with Blue and Megumi opened something inside Seiji. If by chance Phantom of Mirage does something, I would like it that they turn Seiji into a second Precure Hunter.

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  4. Okay we're half way thorugh Happiness Charge now , here's what I think :

    - Quite Intrigued/Invested with the whole Megumi falling in love with a God thing. Surely it can't turn out well. It's kind of bold , considering most of the the love interests of the Pretty Cure Franchise are usually school friends ( Besdes Yes , where it's furry princes , disturbingly enough ) . From what I've seen so far I think Queen Mirage is a girl who fell in love with Blue/God too in the past too.
    Blue seems Oblivious to his pimpish charms , but then again he does spread his seeds of Precure power around the world.
    Makes you even more hooked when you see Seiji's involvement. Hime has always hinted a possbility of liking Seiji in the past ( especially more possible with the promo for next week ) and one might think now that Iona doesn't want to follow the love rule , it could be possible she admires too since she spars with him in karate.Also Yuu-Yuu shows great warmth towards Hime ( in a holding hand in more than a friend kind of way sometimes) in some episodes too. So we have a possible triangle to hexagon situation.

    On a side note , it's 24 episodes in , and I have seen no sign of the 3 generals getting into melee combat. Which I think would be a great shame.
    We didn't get no great general battles in Doki-Doki , instead we got mass cannon fodder jikouchou fights instead.
    The last great general fights precure gave us were the Bad End Trio and Joker.
    But then again I suppose Precure Hunter fights makes up for the current generals so far.