Sunday, November 24, 2013

Doki Doki Precure Ep 41: The Flowers that connect us...

The girls were admiring the flowers at Alice's garden and she told them a dream was her to open a florist shop. Mana suggested to set up a make shift store at the nearby flea market which they did.

Alice's friend and rival, Reina appeared with her followers and also set up a make shift shop that also sell flowers. Alice didn't mind the competition which irritated Reina further. After an hour, many customers flock to Reina's stall while Alice only sold one pot.

Suddenly Regina appeared and swore to destroy all the flowers. She turned a teen into a Jikochu and all the flowers started to wither immediately. Alice and Reina managed to save a small spout of a flower and placed it into a new pot.

Reina asked why she still insisted on helping her which she replied she know that Reina love flowers since they were kids and even guide Alice in tending to her own flowers. Reina felt embarrassed but still put up a strong front. Sebastian informed the girls that their company satellite managed to find the Jikochu and it is orbiting in the stratosphere.

Alice piloted a single seat plane and headed straight to the Jikochu. She transformed and confronted Regina. She tried to convince about the value of life with the small spout and for a moment, Regina was moved. However she attacked Cure Rosetta but the others have arrived and managed to use the Lovely Harp to spout wings on their back.


Cure Heart pointed to a larger plane piloted by Reina who have took them up to the stratosphere. Reina called out Cure Rosetta's real name (Cure Heart told Reina about their secret identifies) and wished her luck. Regina tried to trick Cure Heart and was nearly ambushed by the Jikochu.

The Jikochu fired a large seed hoping it will destroy all the flowers on Earth but Cure Rosetta used Rosetta Reflection to hold it back. But it is using up Cure Rosetta's energy at a fast rate. She told Regina about the flower meaning of the Cosmos flower (Not sure is it correct) which is the small spout that it mean a pure maiden and she believe Regina still have some good in her.

Her words weakened Regina and the Jikochu and the large seed was destroyed. They quickly used Royal Lovely Straight Flush to defeat the Jikochu and Regina retreated. After everything went back to normal, Alice and Reina exchanged flowers as a sign of friendship and told Mana that her dream now is to bring smiles to everyone in the world and to help Regina regain her old self....

This episode is a closure for Alice and Reina's friendship and Rivalry. Reina see Alice as a rival however Alice see her a kind person who take care of flowers and being Alice, she always see the good in people which is why she doesn't mind her business being taken away by Reina.

Although it is an anime but there are some plot holes in this episode. I didn't know you can be an airplane pilot at the age of 15. How are they breathing in the stratosphere where the oxygen is really thin? Reina's plane is a transport type which is technically impossible to reach the stratosphere. I don't think plants can survive in that kind of condition as it is very cold and how did a spout grow into a full grown plant within seconds?

One word to say...Lazy Writing. Like the previous episode which Makoto used her song to convince Regina, Alice used the flowers to make Regina to see her way. It did worked for a moment so the girls have to try harder next time which in the next episode, it is Aguri's birthday however Regina and her generals are going to crash the party! Will the girls survive this party crashing experience? See you next week.

P.S: Fans of the Persona series will be happy to know we are getting 4 Persona related games next year and yes, Persona 5 is confirmed! I will talk about it in a future post soon!


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    1. If they are in space, do you think their planes could even get there in the first place? I don't think so...

  2. I'm surprised Cure Heart would tell Reina their identities.