Sunday, February 12, 2023

Hirogaru Sky Precure Ep 2 Review: My Enigma Grandmother!

Hi, Everyone! This is my short review of Episode 2 of Hirogaru Sky Precure which led to more questions! 

The short version is Mashiro brought Sora and Eru to her Grandmother Yoyo's home and oddly enough, Grandma Yoyo was not taken aback by Sora and Eru's appearance. She even instructed Mashiro on making milk for Eru and allow the two new friends to stay.

Why couldn't we have such reactions at Delicious Party? 

Sora later explained to Mashiro that she wants to be a hero because she was saved by a real heroine when she got lost in the forbidden forest as a child. Even though Kabaton appeared again and used a vending machine as a Ranborg monster, Cure Sky purified the Ranborg with ease. 

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Grandma is spying on you...hehe...

Mashiro also bought a Pretty Holic notebook for Sora to write her dreams which she accepted. While all this is going on, Grandma Yoyo was watching both of them through a magic mirror on her table and said the girls' story was about to begin...

One thing for certain, Yoyo is alive and well and even gave words of tranquility to Mashiro and Sora. I also suspected she is expecting them to come to Earth all this while. This definitely makes up for Yui's dead grandmother and the unnecessary narration in the previous season. I won't be surprised that Yoyo is actually the one who saved young Sora in the flashback. 

This makes things more interesting, especially since we might have a senior character who is aware of what is really going on and probably knew who is behind Eru's kidnapping. Similar to Tsubomi/Cure Blossom's grandmother is a former Precure in HeartCatch Precure, hopefully, Yoyo is able to aid the girls in the near future. 

Overall, an interesting 2nd episode, and Mashiro will become Cure Prism in the 4th episode. So next week's episode will still be the status quo unless something happened. Until then, take care, and see you in the next post!

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