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Hirogaru Sky Precure Ep 4 Review: The Cure of Kindness! Cure Prism arrived!

Hi, Everyone! This is my review of Episode 4 of Hirogaru Sky Precure and the debut of Cure Prism!

Before that, my thoughts of Episode 3 were Grandma Yoyo actually revealed herself as a former citizen of the Sky Kingdom and she actually has a way to communicate with the Kingdom with a magic mirror. When the connection got through, the King and Queen were rejoyced to see their daughter Eru again and the parents recognized Yoyo as a famous scholar of the Sky Kingdom. Although we knew that Yoyo is someone connected to the Sky Kingdom, I felt that her reveal is too early and it ruined the speculations about her but I guess Toei want to keep the plot moving instead of dangling it like a carrot.

In today's episode, Sora and Mashiro went for a jog in the morning and Mashiro wondered if she can be more like Sora in terms of strength. Sora replied to be herself instead. We are also introduced to Hijiri Ageha who is a childhood friend of Mashiro. She now came back to Sorashindo city to work as a nursery teacher and is going for an interview at the nursery training center. 

So Yoyo is having tea with a bird...hmmm

Sora nearly revealed everything about herself to Ageha but was quickly stopped by Mashiro. While Ageha went for her interview, Sora and Mashiro were waiting for her outside and Mashiro also ponders on what she wanted to be when she grow up. But Kabaton disguised as a small pig lured Sora into a trap and stole her Mirage pen from her.

Kabaton then turned a mushroom into a Ranborg and captured Sora. Ageha saw the commotion and instructed Mashiro and Eru to follow her to the rooftop. The Ranborg created a smaller clone of itself and started to chase the two girls. 

On the rooftop, Mashiro's feelings of wanting to save Sora awakens the Mirage pen within her. But Kabaton taunts her that she does not deserve it since she is a "side character." (A fourth wall joke?) But Ageha reminds her that her kindness is her strength and Sora's words of being herself gave her the courage to hold the Mirage Pen. Eru then send the Prism Tone to Mashiro and she transformed into Cure Prism!

This is a homage to Cure Black and White Jumping off the wall.

Just give her a few more battles and Cure Prism will start mastering the Ora Ora Punches in no more time.

Earth, Give me your energy to create the Spirit Bomb!

Cure Prism was also surprised at her new strength but quickly adapt and knocked the smaller Ranborg into Kabaton. Sora's Mirage Pen fell off Kabaton and she managed to break free and transformed into Cure Sky. Cure Prism took on the smaller Ranborg while Cure Sky purified the main Ranborg. Cure Prism also showed off her attack- Prism Shoot and purified the Smaller Ranborg.

After the battle, Sora blamed herself for putting Mashiro in danger but Mashiro told her not to look down on herself as she is her precious friend. Ageha and Eru arrived and Ageha started questioning them about what is really going on...

Cure Prism ended the closing credits.

We have our 2nd cure of the series, Cure Prism, and Kakuma Ai's performance didn't disappoint me as Mashiro. If Sora represents Courage then Mashiro represents Kindness but don't treat Mashiro's kindness as a weakness as the girl can kick and punch really hard. The only thing disappointing is that her Prism Shoot is basically a large energy ball but it is been a while since we have had cool physical fights in Precure. (even though it was short) 

Ageha's debut is all right since she represents the working girl but still enjoys trends and being with Mashiro and Sora makes her the elder sister in the team. Being the oldest also makes her giving advice to Mashiro in this episode more sense instead of having a peer give advice. However, we have yet to see the extent of Ageha's character so let it be for now.

Kabaton's plan is actually a smart one but also it only worked for a naive character like Sora. Mashiro was the one with common sense to know something was amiss. However, Kabaton's plan worked in taking away Sora's Mirage pen and it will have succeeded if it wasn't for Mashiro becoming Cure Prism in this episode.

Overall, a great debut for Cure Prism and the introduction of Ageha. But in the next episode, Sora still does not want to endanger Mashiro and went to battle the latest Ranborg alone. Sora will probably learn a lesson on the power of friendship and teamwork since more hands equal more strength. Until then, stay safe, and see you in the next post!


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