Sunday, November 21, 2021

Tropical Rouge Precure Ep 37 Review: Onwards! To Gran Ocean! Part 2

Hi, Everyone! This is my review of Tropical Rouge Precure Episode 37 and even though we are getting a power-up in this episode, I was more interested in the development between Laura and Manatsu and the connection between the Legendary Precure and the Witch of Delays.

So the girls were swept out of the palace and found the whole place is in ruins. They looked around to find the place where the Queen was held and stumbled into a room full of glowing shells. The girls realised they are memories of past mermaids who went up to the surface world. Laura held one and was shocked by what she found.

But she kept quiet about it and soon they found the Queen and the natives. We also know the Queen full name-Melusine Muses Mnemosyne and she also informed the girls of the Witch of Delays' plan of opening the Fool's Casket which is the big round thing that held motivation power in the Witch's chamber. 

The generals were discussing among themselves how they will gain immortality if the Fool's Casket is full but Elda suspected Bulter is hiding something from them. Laura then confronted Melusine about the memory shell. She explained that it is the law of Mermaids that mermaids are not to make contact with the surface world and if they do, their memories will be erased. Humans who discovered their secrets will also have their memories erased.

Manatsu touched the shell and realised that she and Laura met each other once when they were kids but Laura did not return the next day which upset Manatsu. However, her father told her that to always ask someone's name the first time she meet and always do what is important now than later.

The girls saw Bulter is attacking the city with the Super Yaranade and went to confront it. They tried to take on the Super Yaranade but it was too strong. But somehow their emotions reacted to the stolen Marine Ring which was sent over through the Dresser Kit.

With the Marine Ring, they used their new attack-Precure Marine Beat Dynamic which created a giant whale that flipped the Super Yaranade to finish off. 

After the battle, Cure Summer told the others despite knowing that their memories will be erased once everything is over that not to give up and do what is important now and that is to defeat the Witch of Delays. Melusine was also contacted by the Legendary Precure, who despite not having a physical body wants to save the Witch of Delays for some reason.

That night, Manatsu presented Laura with a flower crown made of Beach Morning Glory which she promised to give her as a child. She told Laura that not to worry as she and her friends are all here to support her in the future...

So I really like that it explained Manatsu's back story of why she was so positive and her motto of always doing what is important now came from. Furthermore, Manatsu never forgets about Laura when they were kids and she fulfilled her promise of presenting her a flower crown at the end of the episode. Although their memories might be wiped by the end of the series, maybe that can be changed if Laura becomes Queen and had that law abolished. We have to see how it goes in the end.

I also like how we have some plot development of what is the endgame for the Witch of Delays but like how Elda suggested that Bulter has some hidden agenda that he has not told the generals and maybe the Witch which will probably be revealed in the future. It is also to note that the Legendary Precure is somehow watching the girls and I have a feeling she will have to appear to aid the girls knowing she might fall without a physical body.

Overall, some good development after the last power-up episode. Next episode, Asuka is graduating soon but she has to settle her disagreements with Yuriko. Can both girls able to make amends? Until then, stay safe and see you in the next post!

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Tropical Rouge Precure Ep 36 Review: Onwards! To Gran Ocean! Part 1

Hi, Everyone! This is my short review of Tropical Rouge Precure Episode 36 and we finally get back to the main plot with the girls finally visiting Laura's home-Grand Ocean!

Manatsu had a nightmare of her battling the Witch of Delay in ancient times and the Legendary Precure appearing in front of her. She woke up Laura and Kururu in their sleep but now the Queen want Laura and the girls to visit Gran Ocean.

Laura told the other girls the invitation and they agreed to go. When they finally arrived at Gran Ocean, they were welcomed by the citizens which Laura believed they have recovered their motivation energy. The girls finally met the Queen in person and they were welcome with nice hospitality.

However, Kururu finds it weird that the Queen does not respond to her and started to explore around the Palace. The Queen later asked the girls to find the Marine Ring which is the sister ring to their Earth Ring. The Marine Ring is believed to be somewhere in the Kingdom and asked the girls to find it. 

Kururu finally found out what is going on and was nearly attacked. The girls returned with some shells which are supposedly Kururu's favourite snacks and offered them to the Queen. However, the Queen dislike the shells and immediately Laura knew that the Queen is a fake! 

Chongire appeared with a weakened Kururu and Numeri is the one in disguise as the Queen. The two generals together with Elda told the girls they used special magic from the Witch of Delay to trick the girls into coming here. 

Kururu brought the girls to a lower chamber where the real Queen and all the followers were used as energy to create the fake illusion. The girls immediately transformed and Numeri created a Super Yaranade from an Octopus. 

The Super Yaranade was too strong for the girls and even Precure Beat Dynamic has no effect on it. But the girls' feelings awakened the hidden Marine Ring which is close by. Suddenly Bulter appeared and took the Marine Ring. Before the girls could get back the ring, the glass panels around the palace suddenly break and the gushing water swept the girls away from battle...

I kinda guess that there is something odd about the Queen when the girls first meet her. Since she does not react when Kururu was trying to get her attention and she is the Queen's favourite subject. Furthermore, she asked the girls to look for the Marine Ring which why didn't anyone else find it before them? Although I count as the girls being naive to the Queen's request. It was only after Laura find it odd that the Queen has a strange reaction to the snacks that she knew something was wrong. 

Since the generals tried the Super Yaranade energy on a living thing, I wonder how long will they try it on a human similar to Healin' Good plot of creating Byogen out of humans. Also with Precure Beat Dynamic has no effect on the new Yaranade, it is expected that in the next episode, we will get a new power-up with the Marine Ring.

Furthermore, the nightmare that Manatsu of her battling the Witch of Delays and meeting the Legendary Precure, what does it means for Manatsu? Is she somehow related to all this? Until then, stay safe and see you in the next post!

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Tropical Rouge Precure Ep 33 Review: So Precure on Drugs?

Hi, Everyone! This is my short review of Tropical Rouge Precure Episode 33 and I know I have not been doing any reviews but it is due to some personal and family matters. Furthermore, the last few episodes aren't that good to do a review.

However this week Toei went all Pop Team Epic and basically give Precure on Drugs with 10 (or is that 11) short skits among the cast- From rescuing a turtle who invited all his friends to Manatsu's house for no apparent reason, the villains having their own downtime, Kyururu dreaming she is a Precure and so on.

Of course, the highlight of the episode is a Cameo appearance of Team Heart Catch as Team Tropical Rouge watch videos of "Legendary Precures" and Laura commented they should look like elderly people which pissed off Cure Marine as she and the others were sitting on the rooftop of the clubhouse.  

But then it was just a dream by Tsubomi who told her friends about Team Tropical Rouge although Erika think of something else about the team. I know this is to promote the upcoming crossover movie although I will rather have some foreshadowing like how Super Sentai and Kamen Rider will have sneak peeks or hints to their upcoming movies. 

Anyway, the whole episode is just 22 minutes of crazy antics which I like some of it but it is better off like a spin-off series or extras in the Blu-ray and DVD's special features.

Overall, some people might like it while others might not. Until then, see you in the next post! 

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Tropical Rouge Precure Ep 29 Review: A Gift from a Legend!

Hi, Everyone! This is my review of Tropical Rouge Precure Episode 29 and after 2 months of fillers episode, we finally have some movement in the main plot!

The girls created a new make-up dresser kit and showed it to the school's papers reporters. (Although they had to cover up Kururu and she was instructed to stay still which the girls forgot about her until later)

The Witch of Delays keeps having a nightmare of a young lady and demanding more motivational power. She unknowingly created a new type of Yaranade which Bulter decided to take charge of instead. He then corrupted the town canal system with the new Yaranade. 

Manatsu also had a dream of a lady in silhouette which Laura believe to be the Legendary Precure. However, the town is now under attack by large numbers of Yaranade and the girls transformed to battle. Cure Le Mar was unable to find the main body among the horde and Cure Summer realised that Kururu is still at their clubhouse.

Cure Summer arrived to save Kururu but was overwhelmed by the Yaranade and she was knocked out and de-transformed. The other girls meet each other and Kururu told them what happened to Manatsu. They raced to the school and somehow Cure Le Mar's personal mirror was able to communicate to the dresser kit next to Manatsu. 

Their feelings reached Manatsu and she was able to transform again. The girls reunited and tried their best to defeat the main Yaranade but it was too strong. Suddenly all time stopped and the girls saw the Legendary Precure standing on the school rooftop. She gave Cure Summer the new Land Ring and told them to save the world and the Witch of Delays. 

The Dresser Kit changed the girls into the Excellent Tropical Style and their finisher- Pretty Cure Land Beat Dynamic finished off the Yaranade!

Bulter witnessed everything and has his own thoughts before retreating. The Witch of Delays was still having nightmares of her chasing after a young lady which was believed to be the Legendary Precure. 

Later, the girls were wondering why the Witch of Delays needed the motivational power and who is that lady gave their new power. However, Manatsu encouraged everyone, not to lost hope and they strengthen their bond together...

After 7 episodes of fillers, we are back on the main plot and I really like this episode and I think the Legendary Precure might be our Sixth ranger instead of Cure Le Mar. She is also voiced by Nakahara Mai who also did the voice of Akagi in Azur Lane and Rena of Higurashi When They Cry. Hopefully, she is not a one-off character and never appear after that. But seeing she has connections with the Witch of Delays, I hope we can see her again. Furthermore, she told the girls to save the Witch of Delays which might suggest that the Witch could be a good person before she turns evil and seeing Bulter's monologue which means he could be the Big Bad in the finale. (The Bulter did it!)

The girls' new Excellent Tropical Style was fun and they are all barefooted which I wonder if they are on hard rock, wouldn't that hurt their feet? Furthermore, their finisher is so unexpected with a cute pink elephant rider kick the Yarande into oblivion! This is what I want to see in this series but somehow the last 5 episodes was a toll to get through.

However the next episode, Laura wanted to be student council chairman and joined the school election. Another Yaranade appeared and can the girls hold on while Laura is having her election moments? Until then, stay safe and see you in the next post!