Monday, August 2, 2021

Tropical Rouge Precure Ep 22 Review: Of all the things, it had to be bubbles?!

Hi, Everyone! This is my short review of Tropical Rouge Precure Episode 22 and to be honest, I am a bit disappointed about this episode. 

My Reaction to this episode...

The good part is we now have some kind of plot device which is the Fool's Casket that Bulter mentioned to the generals. An item that contained a huge amount of Motivation energies and is hidden inside a cave in Manatsu's home island. 

This is why you never turn your back on your enemy...

Laura who discovered a ring inside the Casket was granted a new power - Precure Ocean Bubble Shower to take on the new Zentai Yaranade created by the Witch of Delays. I was hoping for a new costume power up but instead, it is a power-up for Laura and of all the things, bubbles?! I know we have Cure Mermaid with her Bubble Ripple but to be honest, bubbles are like the weakest element since any sharp object can disperse its weak construct. 

It also gave the girls some clues on who places the Casket and ring in the cave after they heard a story from the villager's elder who told about a mermaid who came to the island years ago. Laura believed it might be someone from her kingdom but what is the reason? Could it be the Casket since the Witch of Delays is also after it? 

Overall, I was a bit disappointed in this episode since Laura took the spotlight after becoming Cure La-Mar six episodes ago and the rest of the girls are reduced to side characters. Hopefully, the girls get the chance to shine since the search for the Fool's Casket begins in future episodes.

Next episode, the island is having a festival in which the girls participate. Until then, stay safe and see you in the next post!

Monday, July 19, 2021

Tropical Rouge Precure Ep 21 Review: Prelude to a New Power!

Hi, Everyone! This is my short review of Tropical Rouge Precure Episode 21 and it looks like we are getting a new power-up very soon!

Basically, Manatsu suggested for the girls to spent the summer camp at her home island which everyone was excited about it and the preparations the girls went to was hilarious. From Sango bringing her make-up kits, Minori with her books and Asuka who is the most normal brought her own pillow claiming she can't sleep without it. 

Of course, the episode also has Chongire turning Manatsu's luggage into a Zenzen Yaranade and it started shooting and throwing all of Manatsu's items like Mango buns for the villagers, beach volleyballs and little water pistols.

But the girls' teamwork and Cure Summer finding the key to lock the luggage saved the day and the girls arrived in time to catch the ferry with Manatsu's mother. But why is this a prelude to a new power? It is actually from Manatsu's talk about how years ago, pirates hide their treasures in the caves on the island and Bulter found a suspected clue to a treasure hidden on the same island.

Furthermore, the trailer for next week's episode shows the girls exploring the caves and a special ring appeared in front of them! What could this ring be? As this is a set-up for the next episode, we will have to see what happen next. Until then, stay safe and see you in the next post! 

Sunday, July 4, 2021

Tropical Rouge Precure Ep 19 Review: Manatsu and the Talking Doll!

Hi, Everyone! This is my short review of Tropical Rouge Precure Episode 19 and it is nice to see Manatsu having a weakness of some sort.

The girls decided to explore an abandoned mansion behind the school and Manatsu encountered a talking doll which scared her silly. But it was actually an Injured Elda who was earlier defeated by the girls in the cold start and is now hiding underneath a covered table. 

Manatsu actually believed the talking doll and Elda ordered to have food delivered to her or else Manatsu will be cursed which she obeyed immediately. However, Manatsu asked the doll why she is here and Elda cooked up a story that she is waiting for her friend (Comrades) even though Manatsu knew that the mansion will be demolished in a few days. 

Finally, Chongire and Numeri found where Elda is located right when the rest of the girls are following Manatsu. Chongire created a Zenzen Yaranade to attack the girls which Manatsu also joined in. Elda was rescued by Numeri and she too realised that she was saved by Manatsu since she was hiding behind a sheet all this while. 

Cure Summer stopped the Yaranade from damaging the mansion which she still believed that the doll is waiting for her friend. Elda was moved by her words and quickly distracted her comrades to take her home. After Cure Le-Mer purified the Yarandae, the girls later heard the mansion was finally demolished but there was no sight of the doll. 

It was actually taken by Elda as she placed it together with her toys...

Even though it looked like a filler episode from the title, there was some development between Manatsu and Elda, which I hope can be developed. As seen from previous episodes, Elda and the two generals minus the Bulter and the Witch of Delays, are not bad people, unlike last season generals who are plotting against each other. Elda is still a child and realises that Manatsu is not a bad person as she was generally concerned about Elda and create a distraction for the girls to defeat the Yaranade. 

I was expecting more of Manatsu getting freak out by ghosts but it was only for the 1st act and after that, she was her usual self and helping Elda without knowing it was her. 

Overall, a nice episode in which hopefully Manatsu and Elda can develop their characters together in the future. Next episode, someone ate the Mango Breads and it is up to Detective Minori to solve the case! Until then, stay safe and see you in the next post!

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Tropical Rouge Precure Ep 18 Review: Maybe Laura has a weakness...

Hi, Everyone! This is my short review of Tropical Rouge Precure Episode 18 and after watching this episode, I have some thoughts of Laura now being a human...

Even though Laura is able to attend school and was literally blowing her own horn during her introduction, she still cannot handle some things like various school subjects, sitting on her knees for too long and the worst thing she can't swim with human feet!

What Beautiful Grace...

Epic Fail!

Although Laura is able to switch from Human to Mermaid at any time, I have a theory about this. What if the more Laura used her power or remain as a human for long extend of time, she is unable to turn back to a Mermaid permentaly which is the price of becoming human for her. 

It might sound harsh but then if you recall what Minori told Laura in Episode 16, the Little Mermaid gave up her voice to become a human so what if Laura's choice to become a Precure/Human was that she will lose her identity as a Mermaid and unable to return back to her kingdom. That will mean Cure Le-Mer is not permanent which led to Laura a conflict of whether she chooses to be a human and her dream of becoming the Queen of her kingdom.

That's my thought for this episode and in the next episode, the girls go to a rumoured haunted house and Manatsu couldn't handle ghosts and spirits! Until then, stay safe and see you in the next post!


Sunday, June 20, 2021

Tropical Rouge Precure Ep 17 Review: Laura's Quest Part 2

Hi, Everyone! This is my review of Tropical Rouge Precure Episode 17 and will Laura able to escape from the Witch of Delays to save her friends?

The Witch of Delays offered Laura a chance to be human as long she does not interfere with their plan to steal the motivational energies from humans. However, Laura refused and she was thrown into a jail cell where Kururu is also there. (How did the little seal get there?) The Witch of Delays is pouring the stolen motivational energies into a large fruit item and claimed it is still not enough for their plan. 

Chongire and Numeri created two Zen Zen Yaranade from a cruise liner and the girls tried to stop them. Kururu was spotted by Elda who was playing house (Yeah, she is still a kid!) and Elda took her back to the jail cell. Laura ambushed her and they escaped. Laura tried to get back the Aqua pot but the Witch of Delays caught her. 

She managed to escape out of the castle with the Aqua Pot but Bulter chased after her. Laura was knocked out by Bulter and she fell into a quarry presuming to be dead. However, Kururu rescued her and brought her back to their kingdom where the Queen was present.

Laura admitted that she wants to help her friends now even though she has fulfilled her duties of finding the Precures. The Queen then gave her a fossil item and told her it will aid her in time. Meanwhile, the girls were struggling against the Yaranade and were knocked out eventually. Laura saved Manatsu from drowning and her feelings reacted to the fossil item which transforms her into Cure La Mer!

Together with the other girls, they transformed again and defeated both Yaranade. After the battle, the girls discovered that Laura has human legs and is rejoined by her feelings. Laura also enrolled at Manatsu's school and stayed at the dorm near the Aquarium centre...

So Laura joined the team as Cure La Mer! It was expected. But I was surprised that it didn't come with any condition for Laura like a time-limited transformation. Although the path to getting her new power was pretty simple as all she has to do is just ask the Queen and she gave it to her but at least it wasn't some BS where the item appeared out of nowhere. 

But then, I was a bit disappointed that the Witch of Delays was kinda slow (literally) in forcing Laura into giving in and she even let Laura wait in a jail cell to let her pounder it. However, we do know the villains' plan of conquering the world is using the stolen motivation energies into a large item that will probably be the villains' endgame. 

Cure La Mer's debut is okay since she fulfilled the Blue Precure slot in the team. Her finisher- Kurukuru Lamer Stream is basically Hydro Pump from Blastoise although her victory pose is the cheerleader split! 

So with Cure La Mer's debut and a new ending song now, what is going to happen next? Is it going to be more slice of life episodes or are we heading straight into the main plot soon? I am actually worried this season might be short and after sixth ranger appearances, there is not much other than a new power-up and the finale. Unless something interesting like an anti-Precure character appears or a change in the status quo, I am really worried about this season.

But for now, Laura joined as a student in the school and enrolled in the swimming club. Will she be making waves in her new club? Until then, stay safe and see you in the next post!