Sunday, October 21, 2018

Hugtto Precure Ep 37 Review: All Precures Assemble! Part 2

Hi everyone! Let's not waste any more time and see how this episode is history in the making!

Cure Yell's group were shocked by Dr Trauma's plan to freeze time but Cure Dream immediately rush forward to attack Dr Trauma. The others followed suit to attack him.

The second group has just defeated the Oshimaida and Chiffon used her power to teleport everyone to the first group. Team Hugtto tried to defeat Dr Trauma with Cheerful Style and damaged his time reverse device.

Cure Whip and Cure Custard are very polite to greet their senior!

This is what Ruru is looking through her sensor!?

But Dr Trauma absorbed all the Asu power and become an orb-like creature and caught Cure Yell and Hug-Tan. Team Max Heart arrived to save them but Dr Trauma created a black hole and engulfed all the girls leaving the mascots behind.

Hi Mipple!

Hug-Tan started calling out the girls and the others followed. Hana's friendship bracelet started to glow and could hear the mascots' calling. The others struggle to get up and with enough will power, they broke free and transformed again.

My Favourite Princesses!

Dr Trauma created an endless amount of Oshimaida that surrounded the girls. However, Team Princess arrived to clear a path and the various teams who were freed from the time freeze also appeared to aid them. (Although Harry is wondering did Hug-Tan brought the other teams here?)

Ice and Water Team!

Star Power!

Cowardly Yellow!

Blade Team!

This one I am not very sure..

The Ball Attack Team!

The Protection Team!

The Lively and Funny Pinks!

The Chef Team!

The Flower Duo! (Best Match!)

The Oneechan Team!

The 6th Ranger!

Best Pair Team!

Music Team!

All the Precures assembled and began fighting back! (This part is totally fan service to the Extreme! Words have no little to describe how crazy and awesome the team up fights were!)

Dr Trauma is weakened by the leaders' cures and he grew even bigger than the Earth. Cure Yell wondered if they could defeat such a thing but Cure Black told her not to give up as everyone gave Team Hugtto a boost and their friendship bracelet become the new Mirai Brace!

Team Hugtto used their new attack-Precure All For You and everyone including a few surprises cameos dealt the final blow to Dr Trauma. He then saw a past self looking at a new activated Ruru. Ruru told Dr Trauma to let go of the past and he went off peacefully...

Happy 15th Anniversary!!!

George was speechless by the power of the Precures and soon later, everyone returned back to their own time as Team Hugtto were glad to meet their seniors...

Look like Toei blew up their budget for this episode as this is by far a celebration of why we love Precure! Every scene was stacking up one after another with so many last-minute safe! Love how there are still interactions during the battles among the various teams and yes, every Cure team up based on they are good at-like the Ice/Water team, Protection Team, The Oneechan team (But Aguri/Cure Ace is still an elementary student!) and so on.

Although it was a little disappointing that not everyone came back to voice their characters leaving with some odd moments where characters like Cure Happy and Cure Melody are fighting but no voice expression. Maybe a fan could try to re-edit this scene with voice clips to make it better. (Yes, I am aware the crossover movie will have more seiyuus to voice their characters)

But who cares if there are plot holes? This is how an anniversary season should be although if they did such a big team up for the midseason, how are they going to top up the finale?

I wish that Dr Trauma has more character development other than being Ruru's creator before his demise. Like one or two scenes where he interacts with Ruru and to understand his motivation in joining Crisis. His flashback scene didn't tell much other than he was happy to see Ruru activated for the first time and Ruru told him to let go of his past.

Overall, a fun anniversary episode despite some plot holes but the team-up is awesome! Koei/Tecmo and Bandai/Namco! Can we finally get the Precure Musou Warriors game that was voted the most wanted anime series for a Warriors game? I think we can do it now with 55 Precures compared to Warriors Orochi 4's 170 characters!

Next episode is the Halloween episode and Hana decided to teach Harry, Ruru and Hug-Tan what Halloween is but Ristle decided to recruit Daigan again to fill up the ranks. Until then, see you in the next post!


  1. I think the Melody, Peach and Heart team is the "same kinda finishing pose" cause their poses in your screenshot were so similar XD

  2. After i'm seeing Echo, i was shocked and WHAAT!!!?. But i'm glad i can see her after a long time for waiting.