Sunday, February 5, 2023

Hirogaru Sky Precure Ep 1 Review: It's Hero Time!

Hi, Everyone! This is my review of the first episode of Hirogaru Sky Precure and my thoughts on the episode. Can Hirogaru Sky be able to make it or break it this year since Delicious Party Precure was so bad that the final transformation for Team Delicious Party is to light up candles?! I immediately flipped my keyboard after that! (Don't worry, my keyboard is okay!)

Our story begins with Sora Harewataru arriving at the Skyland Kingdom where the King and Queen are celebrating the infant Princess Eru's birthday. But a Piglike monster named Kabaton abducted Eru which led Sora to confront him.

Kabaton used a strong fart (A Fart Joke?!) to confuse Sora and he took Eru into a portal. Sora follow suit and managed to save Eru after Kabaton hit himself onto a floating rock. But Sora and Eru instead entered another portal and were high above Sorashindo City on Earth.

At the same time, Nijigaoka Mashiro was doing an errand for her grandmother when she found Sora's diary, and subsequently, Sora and Eru landed safely on the ground thanks to Eru's magic. But before Sora could ask Mashiro where are they, Kabaton followed them and created a Ranborg monster out of a tractor. 

Sora told Mashiro to take Eru away from Kabaton and tried to hold off the Ranborg. Of course, Sora was tossed around and Kabaton caught up with Mashiro and Eru. Sora with her injuries was limping forward when her diary fell in front of Kabaton. He mocked Sora for having naive hero dreams and tore off her diary. 

Love the captions of her name in the background..

But Sora didn't give in to his taunts and stood up high as she believed in doing the right thing. Her feelings somehow created her transformation item, the Sky Mirage and Eru created the Sky Tone for her to transform into Cure Sky.

Let's do this! Girl to Monster!

Cure Sky is Channelling Domon's Shining Finger Chant...

Cure Sky was amazed by her new strength and easily took down the Ranborg with a few moves. She then finished off the Ranborg with her special attack-Hero Girl Sky Punch. After Kabaton retreat, Sora transformed back and saw Mashiro and Eru welcoming her back...

A homage to Futari Precure Wa 1st Opening...

I think there will be two more generals beside Kabaton

So we have our first Blue Cure as a leader who has dreams of becoming a hero and we still don't know the reason why Kabaton kidnapped Eru which she is definitely holding some secret powers that are similar to Hug-Chan or the previous mascot characters which act as a McGuffin of the series. From the opening, we can see Sora looked up to a female character who probably saved her as a child which will probably appear later in the series as either A) a real hero like All-Might but went MIA before the beginning of the series, B) one of the generals or main villains or C) a big jerk who then ruined Sora's dream. (Never meet your heroes)

Mashiro was all right since it is Kakuma Ai voicing her and I can still hear a bit of Rabbrin in her. I am playing the mobile game Nikke: Goddess of Victory (The banner on my blog) and Kakuma voiced a character named Laplace who is also a self-proclaimed hero who wears a cool mask and carried a huge plasma cannon.

Eru is adorable, especially with her giggling and drinking her milk bottle in the opening. To be honest, I don't wish Eru to be a Precure as she might have the mindset of a young child like how Cure Felicity was. But those who want Eru to be a Precure, more power to you if that happened. 

I also noticed that the opening is probably Version 1 since there are some openings where characters are supposed to be standing and we have yet to see Cure Wing and Cure Butterfly's civilian forms. Yes, I am aware that Cure Wing is the first Male Precure to be part of the team and not a sixth ranger and he is voiced by Murase Ayumu who voiced Imura-Kun and Don Murasame of Donbrothers. Cure Butterfly is voiced by Nanase Ayaka who voiced Reiko in Super Club. 

Overall, this 1st episode is all right with Cure Sky's maiden battle and how Sora is the fish out of the water on Earth with Mashiro acting as her guide. As always, I will do the reviews if the episodes are of interest to me. So until then, take care, and see you in the next post!


  1. This first episode definitely left a really good taste in my mouth after the lackluster soup that was DPPC, lol. I'm much more hyped about Hirogaru Sky then I ever was while watching DPPC but I'm trying to keep my hopes down cause ofcourse the first ep will be good, to draw you in but let's see how they do for the next 5-10 eps. Let's see if they can keep it consistent, that will be the key!

    As far as the general. In the OP, there is 3 monsters behind him. One of which was used in the 1st ep. And they all have Mohawks like him. I think the OP is foreshadowing all the MOTW's he will use, atleast the next 2 because next week's preview, Sky was dodging soda cans which leads me to believe that she was fighting a vending machine and the first monster behind him looks like that (atleast to me) But I could be wrong...let's wait and see!

  2. I was very surprised to find out that Cure Wing is a boy. He's really going to feel unique compare to a huge army of girls. He looks like a fusion of Cure Chocolat and Cure Sunny. I hope that there will be Black precure in the future. Oh the possibilities. I have a feeling that Sora isn't the only cure that's not from Earth. How the Opening turn out. We see Wing and Butterfly in their cure forms. But not in their civilian forms. We do see a small orange bird in the Opening. As well as a room of Bird houses where Wing was dancing in the Ending. I also notice Butterfly's arms. They're oddly Pink. It's just my thought, but I feel that Wing and Butterfly are aliens too. I think it's wise to not get all hyper with this new season till the 10th episode. The way the Past few seasons seem to drag along after the Team finisher. In closing, Sky Precure looks awesome. For now.

  3. Cure sky is the first precure to have a cape.