Sunday, January 8, 2023

Hirogaru Sky Precure First Trailer Impressions and my thoughts on Delicious Party Precure till now.

Hi, Everyone! I am back and no, I didn't disappear off the face of the Earth since last August. As I said before I will only do reviews for Delicious Party Precure if it interested me and from the way how the show is heading toward its finale, I just can't wait for it to end soon so that I have a clear slate for Hirogaru Sky Precure! 

So we have a Sky and probably Music Theme for this year's Precure which is also the 20th anniversary of Precure! I can't believe we made it! But it has been mostly downhill, especially in the last few seasons when many veteran fans including me felt disappointed in what Precure has become. 

For the first trailer of Hirogaru Sky Precure (if you don't know what Hirogaru means, it translates to Vast or Wide), we are introduced to our new Heroine, Sora Harewataru AKA Cure Sky and she is our first Blue Cure to be the leader of the team. Sora comes from the Kingdom of Sky Land which is a floating Kingdom above the clouds (Why no one noticed there is a floating continent in the sky is probably due to the lazy excuse-Magic)

Sora somehow rescue the young infant princess Eru from the villains of the season and crash lands on Sorashindo City on Earth. Of course, Sora will eventually become Cure Sky with her transformation items (Toys), the Cure Tone Jewel, and Cure Mirage Microphone. We are also introduced to our Second Lead, Nijigaoka Mashiro who will become Cure Prism and she looked like a White Cure based on the promotional materials.

Two more cures will also join the team, an Orange Precure-Cure Sky and a Pink Precure-Cure Butterfly. Sora is voiced by Sekine Akira who voiced Tokime in Fuuto PI and Mashiro is voiced by Kakuma Ai who previously voiced Rabirn in Healin' Good Precure. I called it in the Healin' Good Finale Review that Kakuma is too good to be voicing a mascot as she is very talented in doing cute and cool characters. Eru is voiced by Koga Aoi who voiced Kaguya in Kaguya Sama: Love and War and Komi Shouko in Komi can't communicate. 

Overall, not much to say until we see more trailers leading to the pilot episode. As for Delicious Party Precure, it has now become the bottom 3 series of least favorite Precure seasons. Two words that I describe Delicious Party is "No investment." This is bad storytelling compared to previous seasons. Yes, not every season is perfect even the ones that I like eg: Go Princess and Huggto have flaws but at least the characters I care about and it has what good writers called the beginning, the twist, and the resolution. Delicious Party has only the beginning and the resolution but there is nothing in the middle but aimless fillers that does not do much to develop the plot. 

When Amane becomes Cure Finale, there was no resolution of her character or why she became Gentle in the first place, she just blends into the team and that's it. No character development and she has the same personality as when she was first introduced. (Not even her voice actress Kayano Ai could do much given the lack of content, I mean I really want Kayano to ham up her character but this is a kids' show so no over-the-top moments like Darkness from Konosuba)

Yui who is supposed to be our Main Heroine is reduced to being an observer and keeps on quoting her grandma's words which does nothing but irritated everyone until her own grandma has to tell her to stop it. But before that, Yui did not do anything that cause her character to go through such a twist. I suspected that the writers completely forgot that Yui is the main heroine and left her undeveloped when her grandma gave her advice, I was scratching my head thinking, did we miss some episodes over Yui's slump?

Godatz who is now revealed to be Fennel is not a shocker since the signs are there in the previous episodes however it was too subtle and his motive is the same as Red and Queen Mirage from Happiness Charge who are jealous over one incident. But then the last few seasons' final bosses are not interesting at all so who gave cared about it anyway?

I will watch Delicious Party to the end to see how dumb can the writers go and hopefully Hirogaru Sky can do something to remove this terrible taste that is Delicious Party. For a show that has the word "Delicious" in the title, Tasteless is the word I will describe it. 


  1. Welcome back. I was wondering what happen to you. Haven't heard from you in months. I honestly don't blame you for skipping the whole second half of DP. The episodes were downright bland. No character development from the Heroes. Cure Finale was dull. I think she looks tacky with blonde hair. It should of been Violet. Kome-Kome got all the spotlight while the other two fairies diddle-daddled in the background. I don't think it's fair the Fox fairy became human and the Dog and Dragon stayed fairies.( I know they became human in the movie, but still). Black Pepper deserve so much better. It was awesome to have a Male hero fighting along side the Cures. As soon as Finale entered the picture, he was tossed aside like expired soup. He came back to help from time to time. His transformation was short, but it's better than nothing. All in all, DP precure was good at first, but slowly turn sour in the second arc. Hope the Finale will make up for this lousy meal of a Season.

  2. Sky precure looks beautiful. Sora reminds me of that Blue fairy in Balala Fairies Ocean Magic, who was also the Leader in her team.

  3. I think they're going to do something similar to Heart Catch Pretty Cure with the Pretty Cure. Butterfly will (hopefully) be introduced mid-season of the anime while the additional Cure will be introduced at least ten episodes later. That's what I think, but let's see.