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Delicious Party Precure Ep 7 Review: A Passionate Heart! Cure YumYum has arrived!

Hi, Everyone! This is my review of Episode 7 of Delicious Party Precure and Hanamichi Ran joined Team Delicious Party as Cure YumYum!

Yui and Kokone decided to investigate the Ramen store which was posted by the User "Chururin" that claimed you can see fairies in the shop. Rosemary met them in front of the store and also introduced the last Energy Fairy, Mem Mem or Mem Chan to the girls.

For a moment, I thought that was a real Panda sitting at the counter.

The girls were surprised to see Ran whose family ran the Ramen store. She invited them for a bowl of Ramen which they enjoyed it. Ran was also able to see the food fairies which the girls told her about it. Rosemary accidentally left Mem Chan behind and Ran mistook Mem Chan for a soft doll. 

Mem Chan accidentally spoke and Ran was even more excited about it. She and Mem Chan immediately became friends and later return her back to Yui and company. Later back home, Rosemary reprimanded Mem Chan, he also explained to the girls that the positive energy called Hoka Hoka hearts is generated when people are having good food and in return, more food fairies will appear. 

The next day in school, Ran was looking for books about the food fairies when Amane decided to "help" Ran by suggesting to have her food sold at half price which will invite more fairies to her store. The plan worked when a large number of customers started queuing at her store and several fairies started to appear.

Gentle appeared and captured the food fairies which Yui and company went after her in the Delicious Field. She then created an Ubauzo and the two girls transformed into battle. Ran was upset that the customers dislike the food and blamed herself. Her tears caused her and Mem Chan to enter the Delicious Field and she confronted Gentle.

What's up with that pose?!

Gentle started taunting her that Ran was the one who started the half-price promotion instead. But both Cure Precious and Cure Spicy told Ran that her food is delicious after all which somehow caused Mem Chan to grant Ran her own Heart Cure Watch. 

Ran then transformed into Cure YumYum with Mem Chan as her partner. She used Crunch Cutter Blades to free Cure Precious from the Ubauzo and Yum Yum Lines to purify the Ubauzo and freed the food fairies. 

Kokone is still shy in the selfie...

After the battle, Ran treated everyone to Ramen and she confessed that she is the user "Chururin" who posted all the food postings. But now Ran is happier to meet everyone and become a Precure. They all gathered together for a Selfie as finally, the team assembled!

After 7 episodes, our three main girls have finally assembled and the story can truly begin. Ran was expected with her lively personality and she is very proud of her family's Ramen store she claimed that her family overcome many trials and errors to create the best Ramen which is probably an exaggeration on her part. Mem Chan is probably the only one who can defend himself since he can spit out flames since he is a little dragon. 

Cure YumYum is very similar to previous yellow cures as she used more offensive and binding techniques against her enemy. Although I wonder if Ran was able to put two and two together since Amane was the one who suggested the half-price sale to her and later taunt Ran as Gentle over the same matter. But it is definitely more conclusive that Amane and Gentle are one of the same. By right, we should see the girls' first-team attack by this month but now everything is moving at a slow pace no thanks to the hacking. 

Hopefully, the pacing will go faster as we still have things yet to discover like the White Masked teen, the Bundoru Gang's third general and how Kome Chan will factor in since she is a rare kind of Energy fairy. Overall, this episode is fun as Cure YumYum's debut appearance. Next episode, the three girls decided to go on a food tour across town. How will that fare? Until then, stay safe and see you in the next post!

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