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Hugtto Precure Ep 38 Top 3 Moments: Harry's First Halloween!

Horray! Horray! This is my review of Hugtto Precure Ep 38 and today is Halloween Night for everyone!

This is me writing my MLP fanfic!

No 3: Daigan's Short Comeback!

Papple and Charaleet were out promoting their agency while Daigan was left with the food decorations. (With little success) Ristle appeared and offered Daigan a high position at Crisis. Although Daigan refused, Ristle left his card behind and Daigan placed in his pocket when Papple and Charaleet returned.

Later, Daigan was getting annoyed over his food decorations and saw a girl complaining of blisters and is giving out negative energy. He decided to create an Oshimaida from the girl and was wrecking havoc in the festival.

The girls entered the battle but they decided to make it part of the show in order to calm the crowd. Of course, the girls won and Daigan was left in defeat. Papple knew something was wrong with him and reprimanded him. She commented that people are enjoying his sweets and he learned his lesson already.

No 2: What is Halloween?

In the beginning of the episode, Harry and Hug-Tan were wondering what with the Halloween decoration near the park and asked the girls about it. (Not after seeing Hana's Halloween poster that scared Harry and Hug-Tan)

Halloween=Monster Battle!?

I don't think I even seen kids dressed up as Precure in previous seasons but it is nice to see the townspeople acknowledging the Precures.

Ruru didn't understand either about Halloween and the girls showed them by getting decorations and costumes and learning more about Halloween. Harry commented that their world does not have Halloween since Crisis took over the world in their time. Harry and Hug-Tan later walked around the festival and felt a sense of regret. Hana saw him hugging Hug-Tan tightly and wonder what is going on with him.

So Saya dressed up as a She-Devil while Homare as a Cowgirl..Thumbs Up!

Ruru and Emiru looked wonderful as Pirates girls!

Hana as a Witch..not bad but Saya and Ruru take the cake!

Hana brought the two of them back to the shop and get ready with their costumes. Hug-Tan was tired with all the various costumes which she finally call out that she want to be a Precure and the girls agreed to make one for her.

No 1: Harry's worries.

After hearing from Saya that Halloween is a festival to remember the dearest who were lost to them, Harry felt a sense of sorrow and couldn't help thinking about his world. He told Hana that he has no idea what kind of festivals they have since Crisis has freeze the world. Hana gave some word of encouragement that she promise him that they will free his world from Crisis.

Future Hug-Tan looked like a cross between Cure Flora and Shining Luminous...

Hug-Tan wore a Precure costume and everyone adore her. Although Harry swore he saw a yellow figure that looked like an older Hug-Tan as a Precure!? But he kept mum about it as they continue to celebrate Halloween...

Despite being a Halloween episode, it is more of a set-up for the next few episodes as we are approaching the final quarter of the season. The focus was on Harry and Hug-Tan since we learn that there was no concept of festival or celebration since everyone was frozen in time by Crisis. Harry in particular felt that he lost a lot of things in his time and after seeing everyone happily celebrating, he knew that they must succeed in freeing everyone from his timeline.

You got to love the shot of Harry walking past Hana in shadow as it showed that he still has secrets yet to reveal to the girls and probably knew the true identify of Hug-Tan. Seeing now it is confirmed that Hug-Tan is a Precure from the future and was reverted into a baby for some reason. Furthermore, Ristle was getting desperate after failing to recruit Daigan and seeing how the next episode preview, he finally did the unthinkable and brought the girls and Harry to the future. A showdown is inevitable.

Overall, a good set-up for the next episode and Harry is probably the most complex among the mascots in Precure history but I like it since it gave him layers unlike the sweet and cutsy mascots from previous seasons. However we have to wait for two weeks for the next episode. Until then, see you in the next post!

P.S: Congratulation for Precure in getting the Guinness Book Record for the most number of Magical Girls in an animated movie! Although I felt it will be broken again next year with the additional of Star Twinkle Precure. I have my thoughts on Star Twinkle but will keep it first until we can get some promo pictures of the characters and the layout story.

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  1. The last time I remebered kids dressed as precure, were in Fresh and only with wigs. Nice episoce. I really wait until next episode, Sad that I have to wait until November 11