Sunday, July 24, 2016

Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 25 : Beach Frenzy!

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 25 Review and the girls are heading to the beach for some Sun, Sand and Sea!

Basically, The Asahina Family together with Riko, Kotoha, Mayumi and Kana went to the beach and while Mirai's father volunteered to fix the freezer in the beach hut, the girls decided to have some fun instead.

Kotoha who misunderstood the meaning of fun instead used her magic to make things interesting-Like making a large float that can swim on it's own, creating a large watermelon and sandcastle and so on. Mirai and Riko had to reverse the spells since it is creating a large commotion on the beach.

Although Mirai and Riko did not complain to Kotoha about her behaviour, they were exhausted since they used a lot of energy. Kotoha volunteered to check how is the freezer but was tricked by Yamoh into a trap inside a cave.

Kotoha and Mofurun were ambushed by Yamoh and his Super Yokubal and Kotoha tried to fight back as Cure Felice. But Yamoh blamed her for making her friends tired because of her magic and she was shaken a bit.

However Cure Miracle and Cure Magical arrived to aid her and didn't blame her for her actions. After defeating the Yokubal, Kotoha apologies to Mirai and Riko for misue of her magic. They didn't reprimanded her but explain to her about how they are not suppose to use magic for every matter. Kotoha understand but not before using her magic one last time to restore the freezer and the girls were treated to some Strawberry Kakigori as their reward...

If this show is shown on a midnight slot, the girls will be wearing hot looking swimsuits but since the girls have hardly any body at all, we are only given kiddy swimsuits for this episode. (No Mirai's mother in a swimsuit either? I could imagine that a doujin will be about her mother hooking up with other men in the beach since her husband is only concerned of fixing the freezer!)

Kotoha still behave like a child and her presumption of fun is using her magic to surprise everyone on the beach. Of course, Mirai and Riko spent the whole day trying to prevent it from going out of control. Kotoha didn't realize how irresponsible her actions were and after being tricked and trapped by Yamoh, (Seriously, didn't she learn not to talk to strangers?)

She was being reprimanded by Yamoh of how her magic has make Mirai and Riko hate her which she nearly blamed herself. Mirai and Riko of course being good girls didn't blame her fully but explained of how she shouldn't abuse her magic so often.

Yamoh himself has became obsessed of capturing Kotoha and the Linkle Emerald and it seems he is getting orders from Dokuroxy by talking to his bones. (Although Mr Genie think that he is losing his marbles since he couldn't hear anything from the bones Yamoh gathered)

Overall, I felt it is similar to the previous episode of how Kotoha is still learning to be a human and how her magic has consequences if not used properly. The fight scene is predictable since the Super Yokubal didn't felt like a threat at all thanks to Cure Felice. (Oh yeah, Cure Felice can fly now)

Next week, Yamoh continued his plan to capture Kotoha as she decided to make cookies on her own for everyone. Until then, see you in the next post!

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