Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Robot Girls Z Plus Ep 3 Review: What a Gathering!

Hi everyone! This is my review of Robot Girls Z Plus episode 3 and today it is the first Robot Girls festival!

Team Z were waiting in the dressing room although Z Chan claimed they are the strongest and the rest are pushover. Geccha and her team also arrived to add some insult when suddenly Hayato Jin (who came out of a locker) claimed he has created a new team-Team Gou!

Team Gou came on stage to introduce themselves but Team LOD also tried to snatch the spotlight from them. Everyone got on stage and were about to battle when suddenly Bossborokko crashed into the stage, ruining the whole festival.

Is Gre Chan poking Shou's breasts?!

The girls got up and heard an announcement from the mayor that to have everyone together as a big team rather than fighting each other which everyone agreed. However a mysterious lady is about to make her move on them...

This is probably my favourite episode since almost everyone is here. (Poor Jeeg San and Pan San) But it seems like Hayato (who probably went Coco for Coco Puffs) formed his own team-Team Gou which is based on Getta Robo Go. Getta Go (As it was known) is the black sheep of the Getta series since it is the least popular and came up during the 90s where Robo shows aren't interesting any more. Gou Chan is the lively one, Shou Chan is shy and Kai Ojou is proud.

Baru Chan is too CUTE!!!

Next is Team LOD is based of Gaiking: Legend of Daikumaryu. Now called Triple Gai Chan, she is still as hot-blooded like Z Chan whereas Rai Chi is like Liger Sama and Baru Chan is cute! But the best part is seeing Bossborokko crashed into the stage in her Boss Robot suit which in the original canon, it is made out of scrape parts from the leftovers in the Photon Energy Institute.

Poor Team T...

There are also some cameos like Baron Asura and her two followers selling refreshments in the audience stands. The remaining Team T members sulking as they watch Gai Chan and her new team and guess what, Musashi is still around in bandages! Of course, the last scene with the mysterious lady is based on Pikadron from the Getta Robo G vs Great Mazinger movie.

Overall, a great episode and see you next month to find out what happen next!

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  1. The Getter Robo Go anime wasn't a big hit, but the manga version, which was a direct sequel to Getter Robo G was a cult hit.

    In 1998, a Getter Robo ova was made, which took plenty of stuff from Go manga.