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Precure All Stars DX3 the Movie (Spoliers included)

Some of you might know that I am actually a fan of Precure series. But I won't be covering the current series-Suite Precure as another group is doing and it is also a year project to cover the series. Instead I will be doing a summary of the third All Stars Precure movie which is titled: "Catch the future! The Rainbow flower that connect the world!"

Our story begins with the current team-Suite Precure which consists of Hibiki/Cure Melody and Kanade/Cure Rhythm and their mascot cat, Hummy walking in a shopping mall. Hummy got excited when she saw a fashion show and ran to the stage. Hibiki went after her and met up with Tsubomi/Cure Blossom. 

Help! I am being overun by cutness!

The other cures from the previous season are there too when suddenly, millions of mascots and fairies fell from the sky and turning part of the shopping mall into their world. The girls were surprised but when several miracle light sticks fell on the mascots, they knew something is coming.

Another light fell and this time, it was the previous villains from the Precure movie series. They explained that they were revived by Lord Black Hole who is actually the incarnation of all the orgainsations they fought in the past.

"I feel kinda of weird posing with everyone."

The girls transformed and Meldoy and Rhythm's expression was priceless, knowing there are others like them!

The villains explained that they are looking for the "Prism Flower" which is supposed to be the source of all Good and if they destroyed it, the earth will be destroyed too. Before the Cures could do anything, they were transported to different dimensions, separating everyone from their teams.
As always, Blossom is the lucky one!

Marina is the comic relief and Mint is trying to be a "Prince"

Melody landed with the leaders of the teams-Cure Black, Cure Bloom, Cure Dream, Cure Peach and Cure Blossom in the desert. Rhythm is with Cure White, Cure Egret, Cure Aqua, Cure Mint, Cure Berry and Cure Marina in the ocean. The last group is consists of Shining Luminous, Cure Rouge, Cure Lemonade, Milky Rose, Cure Pine, Cure Passion, Cure Sunshine and Cure Moonlight who are in a giant board game.

It's so funny looking at their expressions!

Moonlight is still bad-ass!

How do you stop a magic mirror? You block it!

There were several moments, but I find Moonlight very amsuing!


It's a tradiation to jump out of the screen like that in Precure!

Each of them faced challenges and even the mascots took down one of the villains who is still on earth by using the miracle light stick. After battling every obstacles, they broke the seal and returned back to earth in which everyone battle the villains.

They defeated them and suddenly the sky turned red. Lord Black Hole has arrived and blasted the Cures. They lost all their powers and unable to transform anymore. The Prism Flower appeared and Black Hole began to absorb it.

They could only watch the destruction when one of the mascots, Nutts told them there is a way to stop it. However it will require them to absorb the last of the Prism Flower's energy to transform again.

Even Kurumi get emotional and reverted to Mint.

But it will mean that the passage to all the worlds will be lost and the mascots and fairies will return to their world and unable to come back again.

The girls could not believe it and the mascots started to cry, refusing to accept it. Finally Hibiki told them to believe in themselves and even if the mascots are gone, they were always be in their hearts. Suddenly millions of miracle light sticks fell and everyone around the world shine it which revived all the Cures' powers.

Melody's Final Form look Good with the Long Dress

So is Rhythm's Final Form!

The Cures all transformed to their Final form and combine their attacks on Black Hole. After a big struggle, the Cures finally defeated Black Hole and save the world.

These are all good shots of the girls...

But it was also a loss as all the mascots returned to their own world and the girls cried...

Later at the tree of life, the mascots make an important discovery. The girls were having a gathering in the park when suddenly all the mascots returned! Tsubomi's mascot, Chypre explained the tree of life has bloom a new Prism flower as such they are able to return to our world.
We thank you for these ten years supports!

The girls began to celebrate with the mascots and everything went back to normal again.

If you watch the first and second DX movie, it is basically the same plot again. The only differences now is there is more actions in this movie. The characters are still the same expect for several moments where their face expressions was out of characters. The villains are pretty one-dimension, just behaving like bully until the girls joined forces and kicked their asses! Black Hole is also a boring final boss like all the previous DX bosses. The only thing interesting is that Black Hole release spawns of itself to create the organisations of all the Cures' villains which is a tribute to Kamen Rider's Shocker which has a similar theme.

This movie also empathise on how different Cures work together which is a good interaction and balancing their strength and weakness. I like the moment when the mascots and the girls shared a moment before their final battle, knowing the mascots were be gone after that. Even the end credits showed montages of the relationships between them and given that it is catered for kids, they obviously gave us a happy ending!

Overall, a better movie than the second one and if they even do a fourth one, I hope they fight something more solid rather than a big black figure which is kinda of boring and more interaction outside the battles.

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